EDA Union Lab

Last Updated:2018/9/27

About EDA Union:

edaU5 is upgraded. Availble server: edaU1,U5
MatLab is installed on U3, U8, U9, U14, U15.
Out of date courses accounts are moved to exteral storage due to lack of hardisk space. (before 2015) (2016/3/11))

Important Notice:

1. Available Servers
2. Do not run any program on edaU0.
3. Please use SSH to login to workstations. Telnet is not supported.
4. If the power go off suddenly, servers might reboot unexpectedly, which we cannot guarantee what will the consequences be.
Please backup your personal data!!!


1. Account Application Form
2. Alteration Application Form

Administrator: Cheng-Han, Hsieh (Office: MD526 tel:02-3366-9753)